Rosso da blend unico

photo by Alessia Diani

The making

Our RES Rosso da Blend Unico is crafted from Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc grapes, sourced from our very old and minimally treated vineyards.

The vineyards are situated on clay-limestone soils with exposures varying from south to west, at elevations around 300 meters above sea level.

We consciously keep our yields exceptionally low - under 15 quintals per hectare - and refrain from practices aimed at increase yield. Our approach to pest control is to use minimal treatments, adhering to a two-month withdrawal period.

No nitrogenous fertilizers are used, as they adversely affect the level of resveratrol.

The grapes are hand-picked in late harvest and a long maceration takes place, exclusively on autochthonous yeasts: completely natural processes that, together with the terroir of the hills of production, contribute to obtain a high concentration of resveratrol.

For crushing we use concrete tanks that offer excellent thermal stability and ideal porosity for a slow, controlled wine maturation.

Refinement of RES Rosso da Blend Unico lasts at least two years in stainless steel.

Structure and Uniqueness

Our RES Rosso da Blend Unico exhibits a robust structure, with a persistent and harmoniously tannic taste.

Its dark red colour with purple hues comes from its processing techniques.

Similarly, its bouquet blends notes of ripe red fruits with hints of spices.

Resveratrol level

But what truly sets this wine apart is its rich content of resveratrol, a compound widely researched for its properties.

The total resveratrol level is 23.90 mg/l for vintage 2021, and 30.5 mg/l for vintage 2023 (aging).


Its robust profile makes this wine an excellent match for braised red meats, game and wild meats, as well as aged cheeses.

Its unique structure provides long-term stability.

Best served at around 18°C.

photo by Alessia Diani

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